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JHT reserves the right to determine the modification, revision and update of this legal notice at any time without prior notice.

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The copyrights of any contents (including but not limited to data, texts, diagrams, images, sound or videos) provided on this website all belong to JHT or relevant stakeholders. Without the prior written permission of JHT or its stakeholders, you shall not copy, reproduce, spread, publish, repost, change or display the contents on this website in any way. Meanwhile, without the written permission of JHT, anyone shall not make a mirror of any content of this website on the servers that do not belong to JHT. Any behavior of using this website without authorization will violate the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, other laws and regulations as well as provisions of relevant international conventions, and JHT has the right to take action according to relevant laws.


JHT guarantees neither the correctness, timeliness, completeness and reliability of any contents on this website nor any result that these contents may bring about.

JHT and its stakeholders do not guarantee that you can enter, visit and use this website at any time, and JHT assumes no responsibility for the failure to use and misuse of this website and the contents on this website.

In any case, JHT and its stakeholders assume no responsibility for the decisions or action incurred and any direct, indirect or punitive losses as a result of entering or using this website, or for any other forms of losses (including but not limited to service interruption, loss of data or loss of profits).

JHT and its stakeholders assume no responsibility for the damages to or losses of your computer system as well as any other software, hardware, IT, system or property caused by virus or other destructive programs due to the reason that you enter, visit and use this website or download any content on this website.

JHT and its stakeholders assume no responsibility for any direct and indirect damages or losses due to the reason that a third party takes illegal means to enter this website and obtain relevant password, information and contents.

Users can visit this website anonymously and obtain information. Before requiring users to provide relevant information, this website will explain the purpose of using such information, and some services cannot be provided until the users register. Under normal conditions, the users are only required to provide an email address and such basic information as their profession and position. Sometimes, the website will require users to provide more information in order to better understand the users’ needs and provide more efficient services for them.

If users hope to enjoy the services that can be provided only after they have registered, they need to agree to the following: providing true, accurate, latest and complete personal information according to the hints in the registration form; updating registration data to ensure that the information provided is true, accurate, latest and complete.

This website will take reasonable safety measure to protect the stored personal information of users. Without users’ permission, this website will not provide any personal information of the users to an irrelevant third party (including companies, individuals and other organizations) unless otherwise under laws or mandatory provisions of the government and government departments.

Friendly Links

JHT undertakes no responsibility for the behavior that you enter other websites through the friendly links on this website. When you enter other websites, it means you have understood that these website have no relation with JHT and they are beyond JHT’s control. In addition, the friendly links on this website do not indicate that JHT accepts or bears the responsibility for the contents or the use and safety of other websites. You should carefully enter other websites to avoid virus or destructive programs.

Law Application and Jurisdiction

This website and the website notices shall be applicable to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any dispute concerning this website and website notices shall be subject to the people’s court that has jurisdiction over the area where JHT is located.

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