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Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Government Sent Letter of Gratitude to Aluminum Corporation o

On May 16, Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Government wrote a letter of gratitude to Aluminum Corporation of China for its support on the earthquake relief work.

“Letter of condolence and the contribution of RMB 10 million yuan sent by Aluminum Corporation of China at this very moment truly expressed your warm concern and sincere care for the people in disaster area, and fully manifested the deep friendship between your Company and Sichuan province, which will greatly encourage the cadres and mass in the disaster area to fully devote themselves into the earthquake relief work. Sichuan provincial Party committee and government would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you on behalf of the people in the disaster area and people of all nationalities in the province.” mentioned in the letter.

The letter also said, currently, earthquake relief work, reconstruction work after the disaster and production recovery are all difficult tasks due to the fact that the disaster area is still suffering in the constant aftershock, and the stricken scope and loss caused by the disaster is further enlarging. However, we firmly believe that, we must be able to acquire overall victory in this battle against the earthquake disaster with the joint efforts made by people from all walks of life in the whole society under supervision of the Central Party Committee and the State Council.

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