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General Manager Xiao Yaqing went to the stricken enterprises under the Company to guide the earthqua

Between May 21 to 22, General Manager Xiao Yaqing went to the stricken enterprises under the Company to inspect the disaster situation, guide the earthquake relief work and kindly extend consolation to the massive employees who are fighting against the earthquake in the front line.

Xiao Yaqing visited the workers working in the front line and carfully inquired the stricken situation and production restoring progress in the West China Aluminum Co., Ltd.. He specially visited the workers who lost their family and home in this earthquake disaster but still fighting in the front line, and also consolated them with consolation money.

On May 22, Xiao Yaqing went to, dispite the rain, China Aluminum of Southwest Aluminum Co., Ltd. to visit and consolate the workers. He sincerely extendeded his consolation to medical workers who stick to their post to transport the injured from the disaster areas, and asked in detail the preperation work of the hospital affiliated to China Aluminum of Southwest Aluminum Co., Ltd. for receiving the injured from the disaster areas. He hoped that all the medical workers could continue their spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying and be ready to provide treatments in an efficient and good manner to the injured who would be transferred to their hospital.

In the transportation company, Xiao Yaqing expressed appreciation to the drivers who stood in the urgent transportation of anti-earthquake materials for their active participation in the earthquake relief work. “The transportation worker who are fighting in the front line against the earthquake disaster, represent the image of 220 thousand workers of the Company. They must strengthen their confidence, dare to face hard work, be willing to devote themselves and ready to help each other,” he pointed out. He also encouraged the policemen leaving for the front line of the disaster areas to carry out the orders seriously and get the earthquake relief work well done so as to ensure a successful completion of this task.

Through friendly conversation with the stricken workers, Xiao Yaqing kindly asked them about the stricken situation and their living and working conditions. He expressed his heartfelt sympathy to their losses and sorrows caused by this earthquake; and extended appreciations to their selfless dedication to their post and their family. Xiao Yaqing also expressed that the Company will try its utmost to help the stricken workers from all aspects including their daily living and work and take good care to their families. The workers said that with the support of the Company, their confidence and determination of bravely facing and defeating the difficulties and reconstructing their home are further strengthened; they will return the Company’s care through practical actions of working hard.

“Currently, the earthquake relief work remains at the critical moment. We must attach equal importance to both fighting against the disaster and restoring the production and operation. The best way of supporting the earthquake-stricken area is to resume the production and operation as soon as possible based on the guarantee of the security of the workers, so as to help developing the local economy. With the megathermal period coming right ahead, the Company should be well prepared for such difficulties as aftershock and electric power shortage with several preplans so as to ensure a smooth progress of the Company’s production and people’s living.” stressed by Xiao Yaqing.

Xiao Yaqing highlighted that as earthquake relief work is a long term heavy task, we must handle with it in a scientific and secure manner. As an enterprise under supervision of the central government, the Company should try its utmost to do the earthquake relief work while well maintaining its production and development. He hoped that in an attempt to acquire vitories in both the earthquake relief work and the Company’s production, all workers in the Company could united together to establish the confidence and determination of fighting against the disaster, overcoming all the difficulties and making use of all forces available to assist the earthquake relief work while maintaining a smooth production and development of the Company.

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